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City Employee Complaint at 1926 N CHARLES ST

Drug boys selling in area called police repeatedly but no show we need arrest made same group selling on blk to the highrise and all along 20 the and Charles st daily we don't feel safe 🏃 in area we need police officer in area now dail...
5 days ago

City Employee Complaint at 29 E MOUNT ROYAL AVE

Why the he'll is camping for homeless allowed near or around. In law center on mount royal ave we have a tents here that need to go there camping and using area as public bathroom as I come off JFK ramp to 91st Paul's and Mr royal ave get...
2 months ago
City Employee Complaint at 29 E MOUNT ROYAL AVE

City Employee Complaint at 2105 N CHARLES ST

It shouldnt take f×@&?Ng 24hrsto fill a pothole if it f my car up can i come kuck the citys em.Loyees cars with dents t compisate my car damages for tour neglect to fix the dam pothole here
5 months ago


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