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Other at 3508 WILKENS AVE

There's a drunk man staggering around the property at the gas station. Aimlessly circling the property, sitting on a guardrail, walking around some, returning to the guardrail. Gas station is known by neighboring residents to be a drug...
NEW about 1 hour ago #17-00725478

Other at 622 E 33RD ST

Illegal Dumping
NEW about 9 hours ago #17-00725332
Other at 622 E 33RD ST

Other at 1708 SPENCE ST

They raked all their leaves into a big pile down by the sidewalk and are leaving it there. Leaves are covering the sidewalk. VERY slippery. They refuse to bag up the leaves.
NEW about 15 hours ago #17-00725149
Other at 1708 SPENCE ST

Other at 1640 CLARKSON ST

Someone has taken my barcoded trash can and left theirs at my house full of stuff. It has not been emptied on the past 2 trash days. Please send bulk trash by to pick up if needed. Thank you!!
NEW 1 day ago #17-00724986

Other at 2721 SILVER HILL AVE

Construction work being done with jack hammers and walls being torn out. House just sold. No permits for such work to be done.
NEW 1 day ago #17-00724865

Other at 1529 E FORT AVE

Flag in Latrobe park came loose and is stuck in tree
NEW 1 day ago #17-00724822
Other at 1529 E FORT AVE

Other at 301 E NORTH AVE

All the lights re broken and the bock it's pith dark we shouldn't have o wait forever to get city responses or repairs already called city hall and dot done work order and repair the lights asap entire block has broken tops off poles in t...
NEW 1 day ago #17-00724356

Other at 402 E FORT AVE

Trash cans left in road all day very dangerous
NEW 1 day ago #17-00724044
Other at 402 E FORT AVE

Other at 1136 DEXTER ST

Location is incorrect. This is 1138 Dexter. Unsecured garage has people living in it. Please contact property owners and have them lock it up. Police were on scene last week and property was not properly secured.
NEW 1 day ago #17-00723552
Other at 1136 DEXTER ST

Other at 4329 GLENMORE AVE

Gurgling pipes and extremely slow drain at lowest point of home - need sewer line evaluated and/or snaked before major back-up
NEW 1 day ago #17-00723550

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