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City Employee Praise at 1115 HUNTER ST

Over the past few weeks, I have reported many, many graffiti tags throughout Mount Vernon. The city graffiti removal team has consistently done an amazing job. Please extend my sincere thanks to the full graffiti removal team. You're doin...
NEW 17 days ago #17-00676998

City Employee Praise at Shakespeare St Fells Point Baltimore

The police presence is incredible! You guys are doing a TREMENDOUS job!! Thank you all for your service.
NEW 18 days ago #17-00675190

City Employee Praise at 201 Federal Street Baltimore

Amazing police service Ofc Twigg
NEW 12 months ago #16-00854223

City Employee Praise at 64-98 West North Avenue Baltimore

Ok its obvious all police matters are going overboard here daily there is drugs sold at bus stop daumy from 5am till late eve by meth addicts eoutine police calls and no rub out it goes on daimy look at 311calms here and on md ave and at...
NEW 12 months ago #16-00852246

City Employee Praise at 2021 Maryland Avenue Baltimore

Eventually 311cares less if police called we called over and over get no damm arresting its betting realmy rediclious that drugs can be sold here daily from here to north ave and you close tickets immediately really
NEW 12 months ago #16-00850455

City Employee Praise at 1918 Maryland 139 Baltimore

Toung blk males selling dope wvery day putsude this store and corridor to maryland ave yp to red emma bookstore we cammed connander of police stull no action being made to arrest the punk selling here
NEW 12 months ago #16-00849547

City Employee Praise at 1301 S Conkling St

BPD patrol officer speeding down Conkling with overhead lights on, causing me to pull over thinking emergency. Turns off lights when patrol car gets beyond to turn and park in 7/11. He the casually got out of his car and strolled into 7/1...
NEW 12 months ago #16-00844652
City Employee Praise at 1301 S Conkling St

City Employee Praise at 2018 East Madison Street Baltimore

City vehicle #162270 took a left hand turn while failing to yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
NEW 12 months ago #16-00841950

City Employee Praise at 820 East 43rd Street Baltimore

Was told to return to wpc rec on monday Nov. 28 to turn in the volunteer form by the rec leader. I rang the bell twice and knocked three times for five minutes no answer and activity in the center. When or how is the community notified wh...
NEW 12 months ago #16-00836284

City Employee Praise at 2101 Moyer St

I called the SE District Office for the BPD at 7:02pm on Tuesday, November 15th. A female officer, unfortunately I could not catch her name, answered the call. I informed her that the portable spotlights (owned by DOT and operated by the...
NEW about 1 year ago #16-00809213

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