Trash, High Grass, or Weeds at 1705 DESOTO RD

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Submitted Nov 09, 2017

This is my third request reporting that 1701 De Soto Rd., Baltimore, MD 21230 had no container lids! Baltimore city ordinance States that all trash containers must have a lid and securely fastened shut regardless if the container is full or empty! Since the sanitation department is refusing to do their job properly I have provided a picture of the violation clearly showing the containers at 1701 De Soto Rd. the Brooks residence do not have lids! It is also my understanding that if the container is absent a lid or that it is not properly fastened shut because of too much trash in the container, the sanitation worker is to refuse to empty the cans and he did not ! although I am not submitting any negative remarks for this worker I requested that he Report this violation to his superior. We have a rat problem here and I am doing my part trying to reduce the number of rats in my neighborhood unfortunately the sanitation department doesn't want to help!

Property type: Residence

Occupied: Property is occupied

address: 1705 DESOTO RD, BALTIMORE, MD 21230

coordinates x,y: 1409668.0295004088, 582666.2560498551

coordinates lat,lng: 39.26604795738986, -76.65622036911236

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