Request a City Service or Report a Concern

311 connects Baltimore citizens, businesses & visitors with a vast array of city services, programs and information.  Either by a live agent-assisted phone call or through the self-service web or mobile portal, 311 allows customers to report a problem, request a service, check the status of a previously submitted service request, and obtain information regarding City programs or events.

Recent Service Request Map

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Baltimore 3-1-1 Fun Facts

  • Baltimore was the FIRST U.S. city to deploy 3-1-1 as a non-emergency telephone number on October 2, 1996.
  • Canada has also adopted the 3-1-1 municipal services telephone number. However, in the United Kingdom, the municipal services number is 1-0-1; in Sweden, 1-1-4; in Germany, 1-1-5; and in Finland, 1-1-2.
  • Baltimore's first service request was logged on February 13, 2001 for Inadequate Street Lighting under a pilot program with Department of Transportation The citywide 3-1-1 Call Center did not officially open until March 28, 2002. 
  • During 2017, 3-1-1 accepted 806,974 service requests of which 63,984 were submitted via the web and 74,084 via mobile app. 
  • During its entire existence, 3-1-1 has created over 13,000,000 service requests on behalf of City residents, businesses and visitors.
  • The average time to resolve and close a service request in 2017 was 4.93 days.

Note to Users of Baltimore’s 3-1-1 On-Line Portal

During a session with Baltimore’s on-line 3-1-1 portal, a user may affirmatively submit information to the City of Baltimore in conjunction with reporting a problem, requesting a service or asking a question. A user interacts with the on-line 3-1-1 portal via a computer, tablet, smart phone or other equivalent device by completing electronic forms and optionally attaching images, documents and other artifacts. The City encourages users of its on-line 311 portal to provide only information that is required or requested, and to avoid including any unneeded, personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers.